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ImageKit9 ActiveX: Update Log

Below is a log of the updates made to the ImageKit9 ActiveX including the date of the update and a brief explanation of what was changed in the module. To download the latest update, please click here.


Fix No. Date Explanation
21 2024/03/14 Fixed:
1. Modification of the license authentication program (to support Transport Layer Security 1.2).
20 2021/01/13 Fixed:
1. Some TIFF files could not be read correctly (pixel positions of image data are misaligned).
19 2020/12/23 Fixed:
1. There was a problem saving certain large size image in Tiff.
18 2020/07/01 Fixed:
1. Fixed issues loading certain types of Tiff(Jpeg) format images.
17 2019/12/11 Fixed:
1. Fixed issues related to drag and drop in the Thumbnail Control.
16 2018/12/19 Fixed:
1. Fixed a problem in the ImageKit control. The PrintDraw.GetDevModeInfo method would sometimes fail even though the PrintDraw.DevMode property value was enabled.
15 2018/09/06 Fixed:
1. Fixed a problem that happened when multiple thumbnails were selected and then dragged. The thumbnail positions were sometimes incorrect.
14 2018/04/25 Fixed:
1. Fixed a problem loading images via proxy server.
13 2017/09/05 Fixed:
1. Some types of Gif files could not be loaded. This has been fixed.
12 2017/04/26 Fixed:
1. The resolution value from some Exif files could be retrieved.
11 2017/02/28 Fixed:
1. When scanning there was a problem saving scanned output to Tiff-LZW format if file transfer was used with multistream or auto color/BW detection.
10 2016/10/14 Fixed:
1. The IK9Print(A).dll / IK9Print64(A).dll has been updated. When printer information file is saved to file and then that printer file is loaded, the printer whose information was saved should be selected. However, there were cases where another printer was selected. This has been repaired.
9 2016/06/23 Fixed:
1. Fixed a problem with the Thumbnail Control (Unicode) FileExt property. When a file name was set in the FileExt property, the file did not display even though the file existed.
8 2015/11/19 Added:
1. The ImageAtLeftTop Property has been added to the ImageKit control.
7 2015/09/08 Fixed:
1. In Windows 10 (x64), there was a problem displaying the file in the Open file dialog.
6 2015/06/01 Fixed:
1. Improved the retrieval of EXIF information.
5 2015/04/01 Fixed:
1. There were problems with the initial display of an image in the ImageKit control when DispStartX and DispStartY properties were used.
2. The scan area for PFU scan drivers was not enabled in some cases. This has been fixed.
4 2015/02/10 Fixed:
1. Improved retrieving file information for Tiff images
3 2015/01/15 Fixed:
1. Made changes to the Ik9Tiff64(A)dll. There was a problem when a 64 bit application saved 1 bit black and white images to Tiff.
2. Fixed a problem in the ImageKit control's Scan interface. With the UI suppressed, using an ADF duplex scanning, there were cases where the first scan failed.
2 2014/12/25 Fixed:
1. Changed the secure hash algorithm from SHA-1 to SHA-256. Affects the ImageKit9 CAB, DLL, and OCX files.
1 2014/10/24 Fixed:
1. There was a problem with ImageKit946(A).ocx. In 64 bit applications certain Effect methods were failing. This has been fixed.
2. There was a problem using TWAIN drivers that support TWAIN 2.1 and above. When the UI was suppressed, there were cases where the document plate couldn't be used.

1. Added ikBitDepthReductionDynamicThreshold constant to the ImageKit control's Scan interface.