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User Registration

User registration is required before you can use our software to build or distribute applications that contain our software's functionality.

In other words, your developer license, PC developer license, and runtime distribution license are not valid until you have completed the user registration.

User registration is easy. Just send us the name and contact information of the developer using our product and the serial number of that product. In addition to validating the developer, PC developer, and runtime distribution licenses, registered users have access to available technical support. For details about technical support, please refer to the support section of our website.

To register, please send us the following infomation to

Product Serial Number:

This is the serial number of your copy of the product that you received from the online vendor when you purchased the product.

Developer's Name:

This is the name of the developer who will be using the product to build and distribute applications.

Contact Information:

This includes email address, company name, address, telephone number, fax number, etc.

If you cannot provide the product serial number, please tell us the vendor where you purchased the product, the approximate date of purchase, your name and email address. Send this information to: