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ImageKit.NET3 - Image processing toolkit for .NET Framework
ImageKit.NET X - Image processing toolkit for .NET 8.0, .NET 7.0, .NET 6.0, and .NET 5.0

ImageKit WPF - Image processing toolkit for .NET Framework
ImageKit WPF X - Image processing toolkit for .NET 8.0, .NET 7.0, .NET 6.0, and .NET 5.0

ImageKit10 ActiveX - Image processing toolkit for ActiveX
ImageKit10 VCL - Image processing toolkit for Delphi and C++Builder

ResizeKit2 - Form resizing component for Delphi and C++Builder
ResizeKit2.NET - Form resizing component for .NET Framework
ResizeKit2.NET X - Form resizing component for .NET 8.0, .NET 7.0, .NET 6.0, and .NET 5.0


Purchasing software from ImageKit.Com Online Store

Like most online shopping sites, you purchase product on ImageKit.Com Online Store by selecting a product, placing it in a "shopping basket" and then proceeding to the "checkout". At the "checkout" we ask that you enter your email address and create a password. This password will allow you to download the product again in the future should you need to do so. After you create a password and confirm that your order is correct, you will proceed to PayPal to complete your order.


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We chose PayPal because it is safe and secure and easy to use. Paypal doesn’t share your sensitive financial details with anyone including us. PayPal Buyer Protection covers your eligible purchases if you don't receive them or if they don't match the description. You can pay quickly and more securely with just an email address and password or mobile number and PIN. No need to re-enter your card and delivery details every time you check out. For further information please visit:


After your purchase is complete, you will receive a confirmation of the order by email. This confirmation email contains a summary of your order, a download key, and instructions for downloading the software that you purchased. The download key can be used only one time. If you would like to receive another download key in order to download the software again you can do so by clicking on My Account in the menu on the left. Please go to this page if you have forgotten your password or would like to change your email address or password. If you have any problems or questions, please contact us at

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