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ImageKit6 Lite: Update Log

Below is a log of the updates made to the ImageKit6Lite including the date of the update and a brief explanation of what was changed in the module. To download the latest update, please click here.


Fix No. Date Explanation
34 03/21/2008 Fixed a problem that resulted from Fix 33 (In certain instances the Tiff file was locked)
33 02/05/2008 Added ability to catch errors when loading Tiff files.
32 12/26/2007 Fixed a problem in the File Control's Exif.GetExifInfo Method. When the Exif information string was too long, an error occurred.
31 05/21/2007 Improved security in libpng
30 12/01/2006 ImageKit6 Lite was not operating in Windows 95. This has been repaired.
29 10/16/2006 Repaired some minor issues with the ImageKit6 Lite ActiveX
28 08/29/2006 In the Thumbnail control, thumbnail selection was not displayed on the screen
27 03/13/2006 Repaired the Effect Control's noise reduction
26 12/27/2005 Fixed:
1. After fix no. 20, the Display Control's KeyDown event fired twice in Visual Basic 6 when the form's KeyPreview property was set to true and the Display Control was in focus when a key was pressed. This has been fixed
2. After fix no. 25, the ScanExec method returned a value of False and the Scan Control's ErrorStatus property was set. This has been fixed.
3. Repaired a problem with reading the Thumbnail Control's thumbnail file.
25 12/06/2005 Added:
1. The RedEyeRemoval method to the Effect Control

1. The Display Control's Modify method was always returning TRUE regardless of whether the method failed or not.
2. The Display Control's PanWindowLeft and PanWindowTop properties have been modified so that you can enter negative values.
3. There was a problem with the Thumbnail Control's EnableArrowKeys property. When this was set to true, and the arrow keys were used, the currently selected thumbnail position shifted.
24 10/25/2005 Added:
1. The following methods were added to the Print Control: EnumPrintersVariant, GetPaperSizeVariant, GetTextExtentVariant.
2. The ImageKit6 can now load CMYK Jpeg images.
3. Enabled the "Fixed Palette" option when increasing colors in the color palette when using the ConvertColor method of the Effect Control.
23 09/29/2005 1. In the Thumbnail Control, when a file fails to load, you can now detect that within the EndLoadFile event.
22 08/26/2005 Fixed:
1. The Button parameter in the MouseUp Event in the SlideShow Control and the Thumbnail Control always had a value of 0.
2. When the Print Control's SetPrint method was used and a printer with a name longer than 32 bytes was selected, even though this information was saved in the print file, it was not enabled.
21 08/05/2005 Fixed:
In the Print Control's DrawText method, vertical text could not be drawn. This has been fixed.
20 07/15/2005 Added:
It is now possible at design time to drop another control on top of the Display Control. In that case the Display Control becomes the parent of the control that is dropped.
19 06/22/2005 Added:
Button click events for the Magnifier were added to the Display Control. The MagnifierMouseDown, MagnifierMouseMove, and MagnifierMouseUp events were added.

1. When an image was displayed in the Display Control in actual size and the scroll bar was enabled, if the Display(ikClear) method was executed, the display area was not properly cleared. This has been repaired.
2. When scanning with the UI suppressed (UIMode=2) using an ADF with paper in landscape orientation, (PaperSize >0, Orientation=3), the scan would fail in some Fujitsu scanners. This has been fixed.
18 04/14/2005 Fixed:
1. In the Effect Control's Resize method, when an image whose height or width was only 1 pixel, was resized with the interpolation parameter True, the image color was affected.
2. In the Scan Control, there was a problem with some scan drivers when the scan driver's UI was suppressed (UIMode=2), and the ScanMode property and PageCount property were both set to 1.
17 03/17/2005 Fixed:
1. In the Display Control, when the ScrollDrag property was true and the mouse was used to scroll, the cursor for the mouse was not enabled. This has been repaired.
16 03/03/2005 Fixed:
1. Repaired a problem with the output image handle of the Effect Control when the Rotation method or Resize method were canceled.
2. Fixed a problem with the SlideShow Control that occurred with the Open method. The problem was caused by Fix No. 15
3. Likewise in the Thumbnail Control, Fix No. 15 caused a problem with the order in which thumbnails were displayed when the Sort property was 0. This has been repaired.
15 02/04/2005 Added:
1. Even when the MouseWheel property is set to 0, you can now use the MouseWheelDownImage and MouseWheelUpImage events.
2. The size of the File and Effect Control's Progress dialog as well as the size of the Print Control's Cancel Printing dialog now change according to the size of the message string.

1. Repaired problems with the Effect Control's ConvertColor and PasteImage methods.
2. Repaired a memory leak that occured when EXIF images were referenced in the Thumbnail Control. The memory leak was dependent on various Thumbnail Control property settings and the size of the thumbnails.
3. Fixed the error that occurred in the Thumbnail and SlideShow Controls when the string set in the FilePath property exceeded 255 bytes.
14 01/12/2005 Added:
1. We added the ability for the Display Control and the SlideShow Control to recognize when the arrow keys are pressed. Now when one of the arrow keys are pressed, the KeyDown event is generated
13 12/28/2004 Added:
1. The CreateImage method was added to the Common Control.
2. The ConvertColor method was added to the Effect Control.

1. Corrected the palette when scanning in 4 bit greyscale using memory transfer.
2. Corrected the KeyDown event in VS.NET
12 11/25/2004 Added a Layer method that is able to utilize the PNG alpha channel.
1. The LayerAlphaChannel property, the MakeRGBAImage method and the SplitRGBAImage method were added to the Effect Control.
2. The PngAlphaChannel property was added to the File Control.

1. Corrected a problem with the Display Control's Pan Window. Even when the Pan Window was not being displayed, if a certain image was passed to the ImgHandle property, the Pan Window appeared.
2. When the Effect Control's MakeRGBAImage method was used, the alpha channel value was incorrect. This fix corrects items 1 and 2 in Fix No. 13.
3. In the Print Control, when a name that was more than 32 bytes was set in the PrintName property and the GetDevModeHandle method executed, if 2 was set in the PrintCreateDC method parameter then the method returned False.
4. Corrected the display of the pan window in the Display Control. An error was generated if the height or width of the image was changed while it was being displayed in the pan window.
11 11/01/2004 Fixed:
1. For files that do not have a resolution value set in their XDPI and YDPI properties a value of 0 will be retrieved. (Previously, the Common Control retrieved a default value of 72. This is no longer the case.)
2. Repaired a problem with the SetPrint method. Depending on the development container an error occurred when this method was executed
10 10/05/2004 Fixed:
1. When 1 bit (black and white) images were saved in PNG format, there was a problem freeing part of the palette data.
2. While the Effect Control's ConvertColor was executing, if it was canceled, the image would be black.
3. As a result of Fix No. 4, a problem occurred in Fujitsu scanners. When the UI was suppressed, the resolution property was disabled.
9 09/13/2004 Fixed:
1. In the Thumbnail Control and SlideShow control, even if you executed the Clear method, the controls were not cleared and images reappeared on repaint.
2. In the Thumbnail Control, if multiple directories were set in the FilePath property, files that were not specified were still displayed.
3. Improved support for HP scanners using an ADF with the UI suppressed.
4. In the Print Control, images were not correctly drawn when using the DrawText method (DLL - IKDrawText Function) with the EnableFontScale property set to true and the CharAngle property set to 90 or 270.
8 08/27/2004 Added:
1. IkCursorDefault(=17) was added to the Display Control's MouseCursorType property.
2. PrintAbortDoc method was added to the Print Control.

1. Patched the security weakness in the libpng.
2. Resolved a "floating point error" that occurred after a new image was added to an existing group of images already loaded into the Thumbnail Control. The error occurred when the new information was added to the thumbnail file and the thumbnails redisplayed in the Thumbnail Control.
7 07/22/2004 Fixed:
1. There was a problem with the Common Control's SetDpi method (DLL version - IKSetDpi function) where the values set by this method were not enabled.
6 07/08/2004 Added:
1. Gif and Tiff(lzw) restrictions have been removed. Those image formats can now be used freely.
2. When scanning, it is now possible to use a predetermined PaperSize value (i.e. US LETTER size) and set the scan area (by setting the PaperSize property to a negative value)

1. In the panorama function, an error that occurred when specific coordinates were used has now been fixed.
5 05/19/2004 Added:
1. Topdown DIB image format is now supported.

1. Each time the Picture(Image) object was set into the Common Control's Picture property, there is a memory leak if the memory isn't properly freed. This is explained in more detail in the help documentation.
2. In the Thumbnail control's ShowThumbImage event, when the TextColor property was set and the mouse was used to select a thumbnail image, the Thumbnail Control repeatedly repainted and caused the control to 'flicker'.
4 04/27/2004 1. Thumbnail Control: An error is no longer generated when the string value set in the FileExt property exceeds 255 bytes.
2. Fixed a problem using Microtek scanners when the manufacturer's user interface was suppressed. (UIMode=2)
3 03/30/2004 Added:
1. New events were added to the Display Control's PanWindow
2. IsOpenDS method was added to the Scan Control
3. Added the following events to the SlideShow Control: Keyboard - KeyDown, KeyPress, and KeyUp Mouse - Click, DblClick, MouseDown, MouseMove, and MouseUp
4. Added the following events to the Thumbnail Control: SelectImage and DeSelectImage
2 01/26/2004 Fixed:
1. When the Slideshow Control size was changed, the images were not displayed properly.
2. Depending on the development container, even if the Thumbnail Control's EnableArrowKeys property was set to True, the arrow keys were not enabled.
3. When the Thumbnail Control's Style property was set to 2 (custom), the image displayed on the thumbnail frames did not change even when the PictureDown(File) and PictureUp(File) properties were changed.
1 01/09/2004 Fixed:
1. When the Display Control's RectDraw property was set to True and a rectangle displayed, when the mouse was clicked on the image outside of the rectangle area the mouse cursor was not displayed properly.
2. The Effect Control's Panorama Method did not work properly depending on the values of the parameters.