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ImageKit9 VCL: Update Log

Below is a log of the updates made to the ImageKit9 VCL including the date of the update and a brief explanation of what was changed in the module.


Fix No. Date Explanation
9 2021/01/13 Fixed:
1. Some TIFF files could not be read correctly (pixel positions of image data are misaligned).
8 2020/12/23 Fixed:
1. There was a problem saving certain large size image in Tiff.
7 2020/06/25 Fixed:
1. Fixed issues loading certain types of Tiff(Jpeg) format images.
6 2019/12/16 Fixed:
1. Fixed issues related to drag and drop in the Thumbnail Control.
5 2018/12/19 Fixed:
1. Fixed a problem in the ImageKit control. The PrintDraw.GetDevModeInfo method would sometimes fail even though the PrintDraw.DevMode property value was enabled.
4 2018/09/10 Fixed:
1. Modified the Thumbnail control related to movement of thumbnail images
3 2018/04/25 Fixed:
1. Fixed a problem loading images via proxy server
2 2017/05/26 Support has been added for C++Builder 10.2 Tokyo and Delphi 10.2 Tokyo. Those installers have been made available
1 2017/04/26 1. There were cases where resolution values couldn't be retrieved from Exif format files.
2. Exif format files were not correctly displayed in Windows Photo Viewer in Windows7.